Legal services with regard to planning, preparing, constructing and trading of real estate developments is one of the key area of our expertise. We are proud with our experience in providing legal services in connection with complex infrastructure investments, including airport and road investments. We provide wide range of services for business as well as private individuals active in real estate market.

Within this area of expertise we offer legal support in administrative proceedings aiming at obtaining land-use decisions (so called wz, ulicp), environment impact decisions, planning permissions or decisions under special legislation (on roads and airports), as well as legal assistance in procedures connected with filing applications or comments to land-use and spatial development frameworks and local spatial development plans. We act for our clients in disputes connected with re-zoning charges, betterment levies, expropriation and compensation, as well as the return of property. Our clients are also represented in disputes with architectural and construction control bodies, including representation before administrative courts. We give opinions, negotiate and draft contracts for design or construction works (incl. FIDIC), contracts with main contractors and subcontractors, construction and assembly contracts. Our legal services are further provided in case of litigations before courts, disputes over the quality of works performed including the disputes arising of special form of contract called development agreement. Our advice is offered while buying a property and may include audits of properties and loans. We advise clients in leases, negotiating and re-negotiating long term agreements, settling legal status of a property, offering legal assistance in the procedures of evictions and repossessions.

We address our services to construction and engineering companies, to designers, architects, developers, real estate agents, property administrators as well as housing cooperatives or associations and private individuals.

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