We advice employers on complex employment law provisions. This includes, but not limited to, drafting employment contracts, managers’ contracts, work and remuneration policies and other documents necessary for an organisation to operate in an effective and lawful manner in the area of employment relations. Our advice further refers to such issues as cost management, legal and fiscal consequences of any benefits outside regular salary. We also provide services to employees in this respect, which involves full advice on starting, amending or terminating work contracts. Our law firm acts for clients in disputes before employment tribunals and courts.

In the area of social security benefits we primarily focus on advising our clients on lawful and cost effective options of fulfilling employers’ duties imposed by the relevant provisions of law. Considering the circumstances where more and more individuals and companies, in a direct or indirect manner, use foreign social security systems, our law firm provides advice not only on domestic law in this respect, but also on EU regulations concerning social security systems coordination. Our representation in matters connected with social security law is provided before an appropriate government agency (ZUS) and courts of any instance.

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