Our expertise includes advice on income, property and VAT taxes. We advise on tax planning and optimising for businesses and particular transactions. Our specialists evaluate risk adherent to a given project or measure in the tax and legal contexts. We represent our clients in the course of fiscal control procedures and we act for the parties before tax authorities, revenue control bodies and administrative courts of all instances.

Our advice is in line with all current EU and international regulations, in particular double taxation treaties. Any matters of cross border nature have tax advisors based in foreign jurisdiction provided if required.

Please note that we take into consideration the tax consequences of any solutions we provide regardless the area of law our services refer to.

In proceedings involving tax offences we represent defendants before fiscal bodies carrying out preparatory stage of proceedings (Revenue, Customs) and in the course of court and enforcement proceedings. We further act for third parties involved in the proceedings (secondary liability, intervention). We assist in procedures such as interrogation, hearing, bargaining and defence in proceedings after the sentencing. We provide services in matters relating to tax evasion, tax fraud, books and records compliance failures.

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