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Michał Araszkiewicz, PhD

Partner, Attorney-at-Law


Jan Cichoń

Partner, Attorney-at-Law


Franciszek Araszkiewicz

Partner, Attorney-at-Law


DSC_1580_1a Michał Araszkiewicz, PhD – Partner, qualified lawyer Radca prawny (attorney-at-law), academic at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University, author of numerous papers on law in prestigious journals published in Poland and abroad. He specializes in matters relating to the protection of personality rights and in intellectual property law; his expertise further covers advertising and promotion law. He has a specialist knowledge and interest in legal issues connected with the Internet and IT law in general. His previous experience includes cooperation with a law firm specializing in legal services rendered to significant business entities in media and IT sector. He has broad experience in providing legal services for healthcare entities, including keeping of medical documentation rules and personal data protection. He acts as an expert of NGOs and he also cooperated in certain governmental projects concerning the reform of Polish law.


Cichoń Jan Cichoń – Partner, qualified lawyer Radca prawny  (attorney-at-law)with extensive experience in handling legal issues related to real estate market, construction investments, infrastructural investments, environmental protection, spatial planning and development, aviation law as well as corporation services for commercial companies, in particular in the aviation, real estate, construction and medical industry. He also advises on tax and legal optimization for business and represents clients in administrative and fiscal disputes, including those before administrative courts. He gave legal support for contracts and investments worth more than 1.5 billion zlotys. He provides opinions on normative act drafts in the field of aviation law, being part of legal team of the Association of Regional Airports. He is a professional real estate agent (licence no. 4971) as well as a professional real estate administrator (licence no. 14634). Jan Cichoń is a PhD candidate in law, developing a thesis in the field of administrative law entitled “The Institution of Location of Public Objective Investment”. He is a member of the Polish Association of Business Lawyers.


DSC_6890_1 Franciszek Araszkiewicz - Partner Adwokat (attorney-at-law) practising in criminal, including tax offences, field of law as well as family and copyright law; author of reviews on civil law. Graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the Jagiellonian University, now preparing his PhD thesis on the copyright scope in relation to the new media works of art. Polish Mensa IQ association member.


DSC_6466_wybrane Marek Szarzyński – qualified lawyer Radca prawny, for many years a vice-director in Kraków branch of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection. Completed post-graduate studies on competition law at the Intellectual Property Law .Institute of the Jagiellonian University. Participated in numerous seminars on consumer and competition protection, organised by inter alia German Bundeskartellamt, Verbraucherschutzverein and Stiftung Warentest, as well as by the US Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission and further by European Administrative Law Institute. Author of commentaries released by LEXIS-NEXIS publishing house referring to consumer protection in a tourism industry and to real estate agencies. Expert in the area of competition and consumer protection specialising. Particularly prominent in commercial law, public procurement, employment law, contract law with special focus on contracts involving consumers, council activities and investments. He also provides full legal services for cultural institutions.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Barbara Miziołek - trainee lawyer. Graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University and Interfaculty Individual Studies in the Humanities also at Jagiellonian University. Her MA thesis at law was The legacy per vindicationem and the donation mortis causa. In her area of interests are especially inheritance law and property law.


mikolajewski-214x300 Michał Mikołajewski – trainee lawyer.


waz-214x300 Jacek Waz – trainee lawyer.



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